Adarand Constructors is equipped to deal with installation, maintenance, and removal of any highway guardrail found throughout Colorado’s interstates, state highways, country roads, and local roads. We work closely with our suppliers and the state of Colorado to provide the most up-to-date modern railing systems for a variety of conditions. We have a substantial amount of experience removing outdated and potentially unsafe railing and installing new guard rail in its place. In situations where it is possible, we are also able to retrofit new parts onto older sections of highway barrier.

While replacing aging barrier is important, maintaining existing safety barriers is just as important. When a crash occurs and guardrail does its job, it needs to be swiftly repaired in order to keep doing its job. Here at Adarand we keep the most common materials on hand in order to replace critical components of a rail, or even an entire length of guardrail, quickly and efficiently. In the event that specialty rail is damaged, our close relationship with our suppliers often means the repair can be made with a minimal turnaround time.